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Our Mission

Hi and Welcome to Gaia Gear Store my name is Dita. 

We created the Gaia Gear store for a purpose and that is to raise funds to help save our planet and the beautiful creatures that live on it and provide you with unique apparel to make you feel HAPPY! 

We are passionate about our kids future( number 2 on the way) and leaving it in a better way for future generations.(Above is a picture of our Daughter Suriah)

We love the outdoors, travel , animals and the environment.

By purchasing items from our store  portions of the money will go to a Charity which fits  into our core values. At the moment we are supporting a great charity called Wildlife Conservation Network. Here is a Cool video about what they do . 

Let's work together to protect the wonderful environment and animals we have for future generations and make a difference.

Love Gaia Gear Family, Suriah , Jay and Dita .